Birmingham Nightlife

Birmingham NightlifeGetting done with work and all your other scheduled commitments warrants a celebration. And when you can't necessarily throw a big party or leave town for a few days, choose a great place to unwind and relax with friends. Birmingham's eclectic and diverse nightlife makes finding such a place easier than you think. Whether you want to kick back and enjoy a few drinks, take your place out on the dance floor and relieve some stress or just rock out to a great live band, you'll find the perfect way to celebrate when you become a part of the nightlife tonight in Birmingham.

The Nick
The Nick has made quite a name for itself when it comes to introducing Birmingham's nightlife audiences to some of the best up and coming rock bands that are on the verge of making it big. Groups that play everything from alternative rock, goth, emo and more are booked for gigs at this iconic venue. There's always something worth seeing on the performance schedule, so make sure to check The Nick's website frequently.

Address: 2514 10th Ave S, Birmingham, AL 35205 - MAP
Phone: (205) 252-3831

Lou's Pub & Package Store
Every city has a Cheers-style bar, and in Birmingham, it's Lou's Pub & Package Store. This local favorite finds people from all walks of life gathering around the bar and enjoying a few beverages while talking about their day. Patio seating is available, and in addition to featuring an impressively stocked bar, Lou's is also famous for its fine homemade cigars. This haunt has been a part of the area's nightlife since 1987, so make sure to take the time to stop in!

Address: 726 29th St S, Birmingham, AL 35233 - MAP
Phone: (205) 322-7005

Starz Karaoke Lounge
Birmingham's Starz Karaoke Lounge offers a little something for everyone. This unique nightlife venue combines the fun and off-key hilarity of a karaoke bar in one section while offering a trendy club area perfect for dancing and mingling. Since you can sing, dance or just chill, Starz is the perfect destination when you're out with a big group of friends and everyone wants to experience something different---find it all under one roof at Starz!

Address: 5479 US-280 #118, Birmingham, AL 35242 - MAP
Phone: (205) 408-7827
Web: Website